After Party (2013)

After Party (2013)
Three girlfriends have enjoyed a long evening of revelry, but the late night bar scene is now winding down. When Paula Shy starts flirting with the bartender, Daniel G, her two friends take the hint and make a perfectly timed exit. After the doors of the vacant saloon are closed and locked the new twosome retire to a sofa and “After Party” gets started. In keeping with the after hours theme, the mood here is relaxed and the pace, at least in the beginning, is leisurely and mellow. The couple kiss and caress one another at length, but once he’s removed his partner’s pretty lingerie and gotten a good look at her curvy body he dives in, face-first. Thoroughly aroused by the barman’s oral attentions, Shy proves that she’s anything but by making a meal of her companion’s straining meat. “After Party” kicks into high gear when throbbing cock enters tight, slick pussy, and the couple pump in a variety of orgasm-inducing positions leading up to a passionate internal explosion for the film’s finale. “After Party” is a sensual celebration you do not want to miss!

Cast:Daniel G & Paula Shy
Director:Andrej Lupin
Released:Apr 09, 2013

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